Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tips for Wet Weather Riding::

Riding in the wet weather is dangerous. Here are some tips:: First try not to ride in the first ten to fifteen minutes of the rain. This is when the roads are the slickest and worst to ride on. If you are already riding and it starts to rain try to pull over and kill a little time. I find hot chocolate, or coffee is great for wet weather riding. if this is not an option try not too over use the brake and clutch as this may result in sliding. I have found using less throttle is a great way to compensate for wet brakes. Always try to travel less than the speed limit in the wet weather, the harder the rain the slower you should ride. Another tip that's very important is always, always keep your temper in check. Wet roads and bad tempers are always a toxic mixture for the rider.If you find yourself riding in the rain, you can bet your going to be splashed. COUNT ON IT! SOME DRIVERS DO THIS JUST FOR THE FUN OF SPLASHING YOU! Don't take this personally. The last thing you want to do here is seek revenge against a SUV, in the rain with little to no braking power. YOU WILL LOSE THIS FIGHT EVERY TIME!! Also i have found it safer to ride side streets instead of the highways. Remember Just because your riding slower doesn't mean the guy next to you will. MOST people don't bother to slow down at all in the rain. Remember they are in a tank compared to you! Also give yourself plenty of stopping distance,the more the better. Try not to follow to closely to the person in front of you. Back spay can hit you in the eyes and face. Try to prepare yourself be for you leave, make it a point to check local weather reports for the day and time you are riding. Wear layers of clothing. You can always subtract clothing,but, you can't add them if you don't have them!! The best defense is a great offense. Know the weather,wear layers of clothing, and use common seance when riding in the rain. Keep the rubber side down and the chrome side up:: from Vegas:: Toxsk Ryder

Saturday, February 6, 2010

from toxsk::

Welcome one and all: My name is Frank--you may call me Toxsk. I have enjoyed motorcycles since late 2007. I bought my first bike, a V-star 650 in January 08. I have never looked back. I went with the 650 for several reasons: first and most important i am SMALL, and the 650 is a great bike for SMALL people. It's low to the ground this is key for when you are stopped at red lights and your bike wont change the light, believe me it happens!! It's such a great comfort to know you can have too feet on the ground holding up your scoot, until you decide to run the light!! The comfort on the 650 is unmatched from many Harley's or Honda's on the road today! Further it has adequate power to keep up with those larger v-twins, so your not left behind! As your reading this you may think i haven't been riding for very long. And right you would be. however i can state i have over 20,000 miles on my scoot. Not to bad for a rookie! I have logged 20,000 miles and been hit three times hence the name Toxsk. But like all serious riders i refuse to give it up for fear that the guy next to me is an @$$h*le!! Fast Forward too years, I now currently ride with South West Thunder M.C., and this site will be my log to you as i grow in the motorcycling community. I hope you enjoy feel free to leave feed-back positive or negative either way It's great to have you aboard. Toxsk